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Article I: NAME
The name of this organization is: Pearl Kibre Medieval Study

The purpose of this organization is to pursue and represent the interests of the doctoral students in the CUNY PhD program in Medieval Studies. These interests include academic, professional and social activities. The Medieval Study is devoted to the promotion of ancient, medieval and renaissance studies. This organization uses the Pearl Kibre Medieval Study, room 5105 of the Graduate Center. The Raymond de Roover Memorial Collection, consisting of books and reprints donated by Mrs. de Roover, and books and material purchased with memorial gifts, is also kept in the Study, to serve as a reference and study collection for all interested students. The Pearl Kibre Medieval Study intends to support investigation in the fields mentioned by maintaining and adding to the Raymond de Roover Collection, and by sponsoring lectures and discussions on pertinent topics.

All matriculated students who are enrolled in the Medieval Studies Certificate Program are automatically members of this organization and entitled to the rights thereof including voting at meetings. Faculty members and alumni are associate (non-voting) members. All other interested students are welcome members at the discretion of the officers.

A. The organization shall elect the following officers:
1. Rector; 2. Vice-Rector; 3. Secretary-Treasurer

B. Duties of officers:

  1. The Rector shall:
    a. Chair all meetings of the organization
    b. Appoint students to undertake, supervisory responsibility for activities approved by the organization.
    c. Prepare agendas for all meetings of this organization.
  2. The Vice-Rector shall:
    a. Succeed the Rector if that person should be unable to carry out the responsibilities of office.
    b. Chair meetings if the Rector is absent.
    c. Direct the Rector’s appointees in supervising the activities approved by the organization.
  3. The Secretary-Treasurer shall:
    a. Keep the minutes, accounts, and records of this organization.
    b. Publicize tall meetings and events sponsored by this organization.
    c. In cooperation with the Rector, undertake to notify the members of all proposals and decisions of the Program’s Executive Committee.
  4. The foregoing enumeration of duties shall not be construed so as to prevent the officers of this organization from acting in the best interests of the members of this organization, or from assuming other duties and responsibilities which will enhance their performance of the enumerated duties and responsibilities.

Elections of all officers and representatives shall be held once each year in the late spring. The officers shall solicit nominations from all members of the organization.

The term of office of all officers and representatives shall be one year, beginning approximately June 1 (depending on the date of elections).

Any officer or representative elected by a majority of the members of this organization may be removed by a two-thirds majority vote of the members.

a. This organization shall meet at least twice a semester.
b. The members shall be given adequate advanced notice of the meetings.
c. The meetings shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order.
d. The Rector, or any of the members may request an extraordinary meeting at any time. The meeting must be called at once, allowing only due time to notify the membership of the meeting.
e. Quorum: To conduct any business, 33 percent of the members must be present at a meeting. To conduct extraordinary business 50 percent of the members must be present.
f. In the absence of a quorum, pressing business may be connected on an emergency basis by the members present and voting. All such action is subject to review by a general meeting of the members present and voting. All such action is subject to review by a general meeting of the members at which a quorum is present. Approval of the minutes of such an emergency meeting shall constitute acceptance of all such pressing business as was conducted.

Article IX: FUNDS
Funds from the Doctoral Students’ Council—A budget shall be drawn at the beginning of each semester by the officers and circulated to members a general meeting of the organization. Budget requests may be submitted to the Doctoral Students’ Council for approval by any one of that organization’s officers. This organization, Pearl Kibre Medieval Study, may raise additional funds through such means as it chooses, provided they are approved by a general meeting of the organization.

Amendments of this constitution shall require the vote of 2/3 of the membership at a meeting at which a quorum is present.

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  1. Does the Pearl Kbibre center hold any personal papers of Raymond de Roover and/or Florence Edler de Roover ?

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