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Create or Edit a Profile

To add your profile to the PKMS site, you need to be a GC student with a Commons account. When you’re logged in to your Commons account, make sure you’ve joined our Commons group so that you have posting privileges.

In the ribbon at the top of the page, click the “New” drop-down menu and choose “Post.” Enter your name and department in the title of your post, and write a bio as the text of the post. You can include anything you want. We suggest:

  • your research and / or teaching interests
  • your dissertation title
  • your publications and / or presentations
  • your awards or honors
  • your email address

Make sure to choose the category “Student Profiles” from the right side of the screen. This will direct your post to appear on the Student Profiles page.

Add an image of yourself in-line with text.

Then just hit Publish and your profile will appear on the site!

You can edit your own profile at any time. You can also request help from the co-chairs.