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Boccaccio’s 700th Birthday Party

Greetings, friends of the medieval and early modern eras!

2013 is the 700th birthday of our boy Giovanni Boccaccio, and before the year is out, we’d would like to throw him a party.
The party will be co-chosted by the Pearl Kibre Medieval Study and the Early Modern Interdisciplinary Group.

Monday, December 16 (reading day)
5:00 pm
GC, room 5414

The party is potluck. We encourage you to try a period or themed recipe, but that is not at all required. (If everyone brought an authentic dish, we might end up with another evening of six pies and three versions of carrots.) Check out www.godecookery.com for ideas.

If you know what you might bring, please comment below. If you plan to come but don’t know what you might bring, comment below.

We hope you can join us in celebrating the birthday of a famous plague survivor. Oh, and author, poet, and humanist.


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