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Dainy Bernstein, English

Research Interests: Childhood Studies; Education in the Middle Ages; Late Medieval British Texts; Medieval Ashkenazic Texts; Children’s and Young Adult Literature; Contemporary Orthodox Jewish Children’s Texts.

Dainy is a sixth-year PhD student in English. She studies medieval childhood and education. She earned her BA in English Literature with a minor in Classical Studies from the City College of New York. She is working on her dissertation titled “Medieval Adulting: Ideologies of Genre and Education in Late Medieval British Literature.”

Dainy is a WAC Fellow at Hostos Community College, and teaches courses at Lehman College and College of Staten Island. She served as the co-chair of the English Student Association in 2015-2016, and currently serves as co-chair of PKMS with Soojung Choe.

The kids are the future. And the past.

Email: dainybernstein@gmail.com